How To Stop And Reverse Hair Loss Regardless Of Age, Race, Or Genetics
In the free book, you'll learn:
  • The underlying reason why the hair industry is worth a staggering $5 Billion (pg. 16)
  • ​How I went from "Best Hair" in high school to severely depressed over losing my hair (pg. 22)
  • ​The ONLY reason hair loss occurs... and what to do about it (pg. 29)
  • ​Why you have to think twice before using propecia (pg. 36)
  • ​The REAL reason why there haven’t been any new hair loss breakthroughs in decades (pg. 39)
  • ​How the leading hair loss companies prey on consumers (pg. 48)
  • ​The simple solution to growing your hair back regardless of your age (pg. 53)
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